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Vendor List


Amicogen – leading Korean company in the field of industrial biotechnology. Development and research of high quality biological substances obtained using enzymatic technology. (South Korea)


Atura – manufacturer of vegetable protein concentrates from chickpeas, red lentils and fava beans. (Great Britain)


Azeco Cosmeceuticals – supplier of the highest grade of azelaic acid for skin and haircare (Netherlands)


Bicosome  – company has developed and patented an innovative liposomal delivery system for active ingredients. Smart disk technology allows the active ingredients to reach predetermined depths of the skin layers without damaging the stratum corneum and with concomitant restoration of the lipid mantle. The main areas of application of the ingredients: anti-age, gentle whitening of age spots, improving acne, care and restoration of hair structure. (Spain)


Cosmact – manufacturer of "green" UV filters based on vegetable oil karandzhi with proven SPF 25, including certified organic. (France)

Cosphatec – international specialist in innovative cosmetic raw materials. Develops and produces high quality chelating ingredients, antioxidants, emulsifiers and multifunctionals. (Germany)


Daesang – one of the leading companies specialized in amino acid production, also supplies chlorella in powder and tablet forms. (South Korea)


Divia Pharm – supplier of Japanese kelp brown seaweed - Laminaria japonica Aresch.(Russia)


Enzymotec – biotechnology company, leading suppliers of the lipid based products. Develops, produce and market wide range of ingredients and final products. (Israel)


Eytelia – manufacturer of the first silicon powder with high bioavailability and activity. (Belgium)


Fermedics  – supplier of fermented raw materials from the mycelium of rare mushrooms. The main technology of the company is controlled fermentation with the help of the desired microorganisms until the target molecular weight of the polymers is reached. (Belgium)


Fitoplancton Marino  – an expert in the research and development of active substances based on microalgae, including a unique highly active superoxide dismutase (SOD) with powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. (Spain)


Fytexia – expert life science company in developing scientifically-supported active nutrients for healthcare products (France)


Gelyma – develops and supplies cosmetic active ingredients based on algae. (France)


Greaf – the company develops innovative active ingredients based on endemic and traditional plants in China to solve complex skin and hair problems. The effectiveness is proven by in vitro tests and clinical studies, as well as the study of the mechanisms of action of the ingredients. The most pronounced results were obtained in improving the condition of sensitive skin, atopic dermatitis (including in children) and acne.(China)


HiQ – manufacturer of low molecular weight, highly purified, clinically tested fucoidan. (Taiwan)


Jia Herb  – manufacturer of high quality standardized extracts from traditional Chinese plants. (China)


Kemin  – company that uses scientific achievements in the selection of specialized plant species and applies advanced technologies for the production of biologically active components, including β-glucans. (USA)


Kerat'Innov – manufacturer of the world's first bioavailable, hydrolyzed orally powdered sheep wool keratin. (France)


Kraeber – supplier of active ingredients of synthetic and natural origin for cosmetics, dietary supplements, functional nutrition and parapharmaceuticals. (Germany)


Kupanda – manufacturer of exotic fatty oils from African plants for use in cosmetic products. (South Africa)

Lantmannen - global provider of distinctive, high quality ingredients and solutions to the food, beverage and other industries. Producer of Avenacare – cosmetic quality oat beta-glucan. (UK)


Lipocelltech – innovative company providing phosphodilipid liposomal powder forms of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and Omega-3. (Great Britain)


Marigot – producer of unique marine plant-origin multimineral complex Aquamin from red algae “Lithothamnion” for nutraceutical application and supplementation of food products. (Ireland)


Masso  – expert company in the production, development and distribution of active ingredients with a guarantee of high quality, including a standardized saffron extract. (Spain)

Naolys – leading producer of active plant cells for cosmetic application, including plant cells with integrated actives. (France)


Natiora Mania  – company produces 100% BIOS essential oils. They have an efficient technique in the research and harvesting of their raw materials. For the transformation Natiora Mania has modern equipment according to international standards. (Madagascar)


NattoPharma – manufacturer of MenaQ7, the only form of vitamin K2 with clinically proven cardiovascular health benefits. (Norway)


Nexira – manufacturer of innovative branded natural ingredients and active plant extracts for the food industry and the production of dietary supplements. (France)


Olvea Vegetable Oils – produces and supplies wide range of fatty oils, including organic grades. Specializes in production of the shea butter and argan oil. (France)


P2Sciense – supplier of "green" biodegradable silicone analogs based on polycitronellols for face and hair care products. (USA)


PharmActive – supplier of natural innovative ingredients available to the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and veterinary industries. (Spain)


Phynova – a life sciences company producing natural, clinically studied ingredient Reducose (mulberry extract), DNG 5% with impressive results in glucose lowering and insulin production. (Great Britain)


Riemer – traditional company with long history, specialized in berry extracts for nutraceutical and food application. (Germany)


Roelmi HPC – expert in creating of highly efficient products based on hyaluronic acid derivatives, plant extracts and probiotics (including specially developed strains) for cosmetic, food and nutraceutical application. (Italy)

Sabinsa – develops and supplies standardized plant extracts and complexes for nutraceutical, functional food and cosmetic applications. (USA/India)


Solagift – develops and produces bioactives based on needle extracts and polyprenols for cosmetic, nutraceutical and functional food applications. (Russia)


SynBalance – experts in the field of biotechnology/biofermentation with own bacterial strains in the European collection and clinical trials for both single strains and their mixtures. (Italy)


Terry Laboratories – grows and processes Aloe barbadensis up to liquid concentrates and powder extracts for cosmetic, nutraceutical and functional food application. (USA)


The Product Makers – international company, the main focus of which is the development and support of innovations in the food and beverage market. Manufacturer of a unique extract from sugar cane, used both in cosmetics and in dietary supplements, which helps to reduce the glycemic index of food and reduce the formation of adipose tissue. (Russia / Australia)


Tsuno – the company's activities are based on scientific research and industrial synthesis of biologically active components and oils from rice and rice bran for their use in functional nutrition, dietary supplements and cosmetology. (Japan)


Winkey  – one of the leading peptide developer and manufacturer in China. Effectiveness proven by in vitro tests and clinical studies. The use of peptides allows you to achieve quick and pronounced results in various areas: reduction of wrinkles ("botox effect") in 15 minutes, comparable to antibiotics efficiency in improving acne in 24 hours, improving eyelash growth in 7 hours, etc. (China)