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InVita-Trade Ltd. was established in 2009 in Moscow as a distributor of wide range of cosmetic, nutraceutical and functional food raw materials. Our managers have more than 20 years’ experience of work at the market.

Currently we cooperate with the range of suppliers from Australia, Asia, Europe, Russia, USA and South Africa.



Participation in the formation of a transparent market for effective and science-based ingredients for beauty and health.


InVita’s values

  • Innovative
  • we monitor innovations in the market and supplement our product range with selected new products and technologies

  • Transparency
  • we provide all stakeholders with the information they need to make informed decisions in an open, complete, timely and understandable manner

  • Efficiency
  • we present ingredients with proven efficacy, the presence of clinical studies and in vitro tests

  • Sustainability
  • we are actively involved in supporting "green" products and spreading knowledge about the importance of the mentioned principles of a healthy and safe life

    Политика компании (PDF).


    Product and supplier selection criteria

    The main focus of the portfolio is on ingredients aimed at external beauty, beauty from the inside and the health of the whole organism. Preference is given to ingredients of natural origin, obtained as a result of the latest scientific developments. As well as ingredients with proven efficacy and the availability of clinical studies.

    Ingredient search criteria:

    • actuality (natural origin + scientific research)
    • uniqueness
    • optimality
    • efficacy testing
    • safety testing
    • marketing story
    • easy application

    We constantly monitor ingredient market, follow the news, trends and innovations of ingredient market in order to replenish our portfolio with the most interesting products.

    Supplier search criteria:

    • own production, certification
    • product originality
    • high specialization and professionalism
    • marketing and scientific service
    • interest in cooperation
    • long-term cooperation
    • exclusivity agreement
    • accuracy and reliability
    • operational efficacy and flexibility


    From our extensive products’ portfolio we will select raw materials in accordance with customer’s price requests and methods of product promotion. Our experience in this area will allow us to understand customer’s tasks, discuss possible solutions and choose the most suitable option.

    Together with the customer we will go from idea to creation of a finished product. In our person customers will find an irreplaceable assistant in the selection of unique, effective and science-intensive ingredients.

    Core working principles

    • reliability
    • responsibility
    • trust
    • innovation
    • long-term partnership
    • flexibility in terms of customers’ requests
    • professionalism
    • individual approach


    Annually we attend and participate in main professional exhibitions and conferences.

    • In-Cosmetics
    • Ingredients Russia
    • InterCHARM
    • BAA-EXPO
    • PCAR conference
    • Vitafoods Europe


    Ingredients for Life.