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Vendor List

 Cosphatec – international specialist in innovative cosmetic raw materials. Develops and produces high quality chelating ingredients, antioxidants, emulsifiers and multifunctionals. (Germany)


Daesang – one of the leading companies specialized in amino acid production, also supplies chlorella in powder and tablet forms. (South Korea)


Enzymotec biotechnology company, leading suppliers of the lipid based products. Develops, produce and market wide range of ingredients and final products. (Israel)


Gelyma – develops and supplies cosmetic active ingredients based on algae. (France)


Kupanda – manufacturer of exotic fatty oils from African plants for use in cosmetic products. (South Africa)


Marigot – producer of unique marine plant-origin multimineral complex Aquamin from red algae “Lithothamnion” for nutraceutical application and supplementation of food products. (Ireland)

 Naolys – leading producer of active plant cells for cosmetic application, including plant cells with integrated actives. (France)


Nutrafur – develops and produces standardized extracts from traditional Mediterranean plants – citrus, olive, rosemary. (Spain)


Olvea Vegetable Oils produces and supplies wide range of fatty oils, including organic grades. Specializes in production of the shea butter and argan oil. (France)


Principium - expert in creating of highly efficient products based on hyaluronic acid derivatives, plant extracts and probiotics (including specially developed strains) for cosmetic, food and nutraceutical application. (Switzerland)


Riemer – traditional company with long history, specialized in berry extracts for nutraceutical and food application. (Germany)

Sabinsa - develops and supplies standardized plant extracts and complexes for nutraceutical, functional food and cosmetic applications. (USA/India)


Solagift – develops and produces bioactives based on needle extracts and polyprenols for cosmetic, nutraceutical and functional food applications. (Russia)

Tate & Lyle - global provider of distinctive, high quality ingredients and solutions to the food, beverage and other industries. Producer of Avenacare – cosmetic quality oat beta-glucan. (UK)


Terry Laboratories - grows and processes Aloe barbadensis up to liquid concentrates and powder extracts for cosmetic, nutraceutical and functional food application. (USA)